What We Do

Vamosa Technologies is a software and services division of T-Systems. We have a suite of software products that connect, analyse, and migrate data from document management, content management and collaboration systems. The products will take content from any source system, in any location, On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud, or Cloud and move the content to the desired new location in the Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or On-Premise system.

Content Analysis

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The first thing to understand before doing anything with the content that you own is the content itself. You need to know how much content you have, where the content is and who within the organisation owns that content. Getting this view on the content within an organisation can seem daunting. Vamosa Technologies can help by automatically analysing all of the content that you need to understand or make a decision about. The Vamosa tools will produce reports providing insights into your content allowing you to know how much content you have, where it is and, who owns it. The tools that we use are flexible enough to enable reports on content stored in On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud or Cloud systems.

Content Migration

Content Migration is at the core of what we do. We have a team of the most experienced content migration consultants in the technology industry today. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the leading content, document, and collobaroation management systems. This, coupled with the Vamosa Technologies software suite and our proven migration methodology, enables us to deliver content migration projects, ranging from simple to highly complex.

We can provide our expertise and software to enable you to perform the migration within your team or you can leave the migration to us. We will perform the migration end to end using our expert consultants and our proven methodology.

To read more about our proven methodology you can download our 7 Steps to Migration whitepaper.

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