Web Governance Now!

Lisa Welchman, WelchmanPierpoint argues that the time is right for organizations to structure and control their Web content more effectively and uses her consulting experience with major brand name organizations to recommend how to implement a strategy for Web governance.

Vamosa and WelchmanPierpoint recently hosted interactive breakfast sessions in New York and London aimed to help people learn more about Web Governance and its crucial importance within organizations. Lisa's presentation is now available in 7 parts and will be released over the next few weeks. To begin with, find Part 1 & 2 of our briefing below, watch this space for the next in the series...

Part 1

An introduction to WelchmanPierpoint

Part 2

Web Governance Now! Why Govern the Web?

Part 3

Web Governance Now!
Where does Web Governance fit?

Part 4

Web Governance Now!
Symptoms of Web Governance.

Part 5

Web Governance Now! Constructing a Web Governance Framework

Part 6

Web Governance Now! Web Policy and Web Standards

Part 7

Web Governance Now! Defining and Implementing Web Standards

Next Steps

Web Governance and Standards Compliance  

Web Governance Recorded Webinar