Web Accessibility

As the digital haystack continues to grow exponentially, businesses are faced with the challenge of ensuring that all of their web content is fully accessible.

There is good advice and guidelines provided - such as W3C, Disabled Discrimination Act, national Government - that focus on how to make a website accessible. Good mark-up is the foundation of a usable, accessible and robust website. The HTML and CSS which passes the validation test can be very usable, but this is not the same as accessibility. HTML validators do not check that the 'ALT' attributes are relevant, or that link text is accesible.

Accessibility is very subjective even when using standardized guidelines. It is very challenging to create content which is accessible to people with different disabilities. For instance, content may be accessible to either the visually impaired or those that are hard of hearing, but may not be accessible to those that are deaf-blind. The UK government has a commitment to make all the local government web sites accessible for every citizen by the end of 2010 and this poses a very difficult but essential challenge.

Vamosa understands the difficulties associated in keeping content in line with W3C guidelines and thus offers a software solution that can be configured to your needs and which incorporates a SaaS-based monitoring and maintenance capability to keep the web constantly compliant with defined policies.