Vamosa Unveils Enterprise Content Governance Framework

25 February 2010

Vamosa's new framework captures the need for rigorous policy and process control throughout the lifecycle stages of digital content

BOSTON, US and LONDON, UK - 25th February 2010 - Vamosa, a provider of software and solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG), today announced a structured approach to implementing an ECoG strategy. The ECoG Framework defines four phases for the lifecycle of unstructured content over which every enterprise must get control to implement effective governance: initiation, creation, control and consumption.

"Content has a life of its own - one that doesn't stop at the point of publication," said Nic Archer, Senior Vice President of Products, Vamosa. "Until enterprises define, and then implement, policy that covers the complete content lifecycle, they will continue to add uncontrollably to the 'digital landfill' that clogs up fileservers, Intranets and ECMS implementations worldwide. Our framework has been developed to help enterprises identify their specific content challenges and requirements; and implement appropriate levels of governance within the organization."

Effective Governance of the Lifecycle of Content
Today, much of the published content throughout the enterprise is not monitored, maintained, findable or 'litigation ready'; this all results in inefficiencies and high costs. With the ECoG Framework, Vamosa is taking a step forward in giving individuals and organizations a strategy to address the full lifecycle of content governance.

This structure makes it easier to define corporate policy and then implement effective processes to initiate, create/author, store/control and finally consume published material within the lifecycle. By executing a rigorous ECoG structure, over time, an organization can expect the following results to be achieved:

1. Content transformed into findable knowledge; translating to reduced costs, increased efficiency and customer service and enhanced and extended collaboration.
2. Lowered cost of e-discovery to ensure an organization is litigation ready by achieving a high level of well tagged, streamlined, compliant content.
3. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of web sites based upon governance to increase interaction and sales, and reduce risk i.e. the exposure of personal information, incorrect product information or poor brand representation.
4. Seamless migrations helping to cut timescales, human error and of course minimize costs.

You can view Vamosa's Enterprise Content Governance Framework here

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