Vamosa Solution for SharePoint 2007

Vamosa solutions incorporate the OpenAccess Connector for SharePoint 2007 which delivers a framework for creating extremely high performance SharePoint 2007 migration projects.


Vamosa's solutions offer users of SharePoint 2007 the ability to:

  • Find all relevant documents and web pages from one or multiple sites, including all other content management systems and older versions of SharePoint and Microsoft Content Management Server
  • Establish what changes need to be made to the web pages and documents to satisfy the content quality requirements of the target SharePoint 2007 system
  • Apply all relevant updates to the web pages and documents (metadata, structure, and actual web content or documents)
  • Load all components, metadata, structure and links to your SharePoint 2007 implementation
  • Manage complex custom metadata and classification requirements, even in the most complex and distributed SharePoint implementation
  • Provide desktop tools to aid document authors to accurately classify and store documents within corporate guidelines
  • Monitor and automatically maintain web site and intranet content to ensure that web governance targets are consistently met

Vamosa SharePoint 2007 Connector

The Vamosa solution for SharePoint 2007 provides all of the functionality required to address the differing requirements between existing source systems, and the new SharePoint 2007 implementation through the use of the Vamosa OpenAccess connectors which are available for all major Content Management Systems).


Vamosa's solution for SharePoint 2007 enables:

  • Sharepoint 2007 content to be migrated from any source system to SharePoint both inside of the corporate network, and in the cloud
  • SharePoint 2007 components to always have the correct metadata and reside correctly in the corporate information architecture
  • High volume processing capabilities for rapid application of changes
  • Rules-based processing that provides 'quality built in'
  • All changes to be logged and tracked to provide a complete audit trail and thus ensure full accountability

Who benefits?

  • Brand managers can ensure that all components of the brand are implemented correctly into the new sites and new systems.
  • Information managers can ensure that all relevant properties and metadata are correctly created
  • SharePoint 2007 authors are provisioned with model content demonstrating the correct implementation of properties, templates and metadata
  • Project teams implementing a new SharePoint 2007 content management system can build a structured process for populating the new content management system
  • Desktop users no longer have to work out what metadata has to be provided for each document created as this information can be automatically created and standards enforced for each contributor to corporate SharePoint

All stakeholders are assured of zero impact on day to day SharePoint 2007 operations while the content implementation is built.