Vamosa launches pragmatic content classification system

26th September 2005

Vamosa announces the availability of the latest member of its world beating content integration suite - Vamosa Content Classifier.

Vamosa Content Classifier is a pragmatic, yet powerful classification system which allows for the bulk classification of web pages and documents which can then be subsequently stored within any content management or document management system.

"Vamosa tools and methods are at the vanguard of content migration projects around the globe. Based upon customer demand, we realised that there is a clear demand for a pragmatic, flexible system which can be used to perform bulk classification of content to address the ever increasing regulatory environment" explains Brendan Greene, Chief Technology Officer of Vamosa. "Vamosa Content Classifier is unique in that it rapidly categorises unstructured content types, and then tags the content with the classification data. Not only does this mean that there is no requirement to have a dedicated classification or retrieval repository permanently attached to the content application, but by storing the data with the content, it satisfies real regulatory requirements such as that of eGMS in the UK which requires classification data to be stored with the content" continues Greene.

Nic Archer, Product Champion at Vamosa highlights the market demand "many of our existing customers recognised that the classification demanded by both public and private sector initiatives, is a real life issue facing all information professionals." He continues "few, if any, sectors are free from regulatory requirements. Governments around the world see standardised classification as a means of ensuring that citizens have clear and unambiguous access to services and information, financial services companies have to be very clear in communicating about their myriads of products and ,finally, corporate governance requirements in all sectors and geographies means that all modes of communication to stakeholders have to be readily auditable."

Vamosa Content Classifier will process all content, will apply the relevant industry classification or corporate taxonomy to that data, it will then ensure that the content is deployed with all requisite metadata into the platform of choice. The classification can be updated at any time by the customer by running a simple update task.

About Vamosa
Vamosa is a sector-defining software and solutions company specializing in the emerging area of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG). Recognized as a global leader in ECoG, Vamosa is the only company that offers an integrated suite of products and services to manage the end-to-end process of discovering, transforming, deploying and maintaining content quality. Vamosa's solutions allow the world's largest enterprises and governments to analyze, enhance, standardize, monitor and maintain all forms of business content within a policy-based infrastructure of best practice methods. Organizations with Vamosa's ECoG solutions benefit from improved regulatory compliance, enhanced knowledge management and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for content management.

The company has provided solutions and consultancy for content discovery, cleansing, migration and maintenance to some of the world's largest enterprises and government departments including, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, IBM, Oracle and Volkswagen North America. For more information, visit

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