Vamosa Enables British Council to Make Informed Content Migration Decisions

11 November 2009

British Council able to identify a migration plan, using Vamosa's Enterprise Content Governance solutions to identify redundant, obsolete and trivial web content

BOSTON, US and LONDON, UK - Vamosa, a provider of software and solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG), today announced that it has helped the British Council to assess its migration requirements; identifying 33,000 content files across 70 Intranet sites, using Vamosa's Enterprise Content Governance solutions.

As part of its Corporate Intranet project, the British Council needed to understand what content was currently on the Intranet, what was being used and, most importantly, the quality of that content in terms of 'findability', versions and adherence to corporate information policy.

Vamosa Expert Services worked with the British Council, bringing a source of technical knowledge and industry experience to the project. This assisted the British Council in assessing the state of its source content, allowing the organization to gauge accurately if it had a migration requirement or not. Vamosa Content Analyzer (CA) enabled the British Council to gain a clear view of all content that was stored, check its quality and gather web usage statistics to provide insight into what web content is being used.

Andrew Walker, Collaboration Consultant, British Council said, "We knew there was a lot of out-of-date content, but with so many pages it was an enormous challenge for us to undertake an analysis on our own. We chose Vamosa because of its Expert Services expertise and ability to produce a comprehensive and fast discovery exercise that would allow us to make an informed decision on our migration needs."

Using this information, the site owners, together with the Corporate Intranet project team, were able to conduct a process to identify redundant, obsolete and trivial content. It transpired that by reducing the web content by a factor of 10, to 3,000, the organization did not need to undertake a large migration project, lowering the cost of the project.

"Thanks to the reporting from Vamosa Content Analyzer, we were able to determine the relevancy of our content. When we launch the new Intranet, our staff will know that what they are looking at is pertinent - and that's a powerful thing to say we have achieved," added Walker.

As a result of reducing the quantity of content pages, the British Council will also benefit from cheaper storage costs, and power consumption and heat generation will decline as fewer servers are used.

"Any organization or enterprise considering a migration project needs to first analyze its content to find out where it is and what condition it is in. There are standard questions that need to be asked: Is it used? Is it findable? Is it fit for purpose? Is it appropriate? We do this work every day and were able to provide the British Council with expertise and support to guide them through the process," said George Knox, CEO, Vamosa.

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