Vamosa Demonstrates Web Governance Automation with Vamosa Check and Fix

27 October 2009

WelchmanPierpoint and Vamosa team up to deliver Web Governance Breakfast Briefings at Aureole, New York, 10th November and Church House, London, 12th November

BOSTON, US and LONDON, UK -Vamosa, a provider of software and solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG), today announced a series of free Web Governance Breakfast Briefings in London and New York on November 10th and 12th.

Vamosa's Senior Vice President, Nic Archer, will be joined by Lisa Welchman, Founding Partner of WelchmanPierpoint, consultants in Web Operations Management, to explain why governance should be top of an enterprise's web presence agenda. The seminars will take place 8.30 - 10.30am on Tuesday, November 10th at Aureole, New York; and 9.00am - 11.00am on Thursday, November 12th at Church House, London.

A keynote presentation will be delivered by Lisa Welchman at both briefings, in which she will discuss the crucial steps to establishing Web Governance and explain how organizations can minimize silo'd development efforts, control power-struggles, and effectively manage their web presence.

Also joining Lisa exclusively at the New York breakfast briefing will be Bill Barrett, Global Leader, Online Communications, Deloitte, who will share the challenges and his experience of delivering a consistent web presence in a decentralized global organization.

To add to the discussions, Nic Archer will also be demonstrating how Vamosa's unique web site governance monitoring and maintenance solution, Vamosa Check and Fix (C&F), can monitor high volumes of web content against even the most complex of governance requirements. He will also describe how Vamosa C&F can offer an automated resolution to identified inconsistencies.

Vamosa is also showcasing Vamosa C&F at this year's Aarhus 09 conference, on November 3rd - 5th in Denmark. George Knox, CEO, and Ijonas Kisselbach, CTO, will be available to discuss how Vamosa C&F, with its extended web records management functionality, can help enterprises get their web content under control and keep it there by automating policy and implementing workflow to fix content. Vamosa Content Migrator 3.0, the new version of Vamosa's enterprise platform for content migration will also be showcased at the event. The new version boasts a new graphical interface and is offered for the first time as a Software -as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

If you would like to attend one of the free Breakfast Briefings, you can register on the Vamosa web site.

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