Vamosa Content Migrator

Vamosa Content Migrator delivers a framework for creating extremely high performance web migration projects.

The products capabilities include:

  • Find all relevant web pages from one or multiple sites (including content management systems)
  • Establish what changes need to be made to the web pages to satisfy the content quality requirements of the target system
  • Apply all relevant updates to the web pages (metadata, structure and actual web content)
  • Load all web components, metadata, structure and links to your CMS of choice.

Business Results Delivered

Content Migrator provides all of the functionality required to address the differing requirements between existing source systems, and new target systems through the use of Vamosa connectors which are available for all major Content Management Systems.

Benefits of Content Migrator

  • Web content can be migrated from any source to any target system
  • Web components will always have the correct metadata and information architecture
  • High volume processing capabilities mean rapid application changes
  • Rules based processing guarantees 'quality built in'
  • All changes can be tracked and logged providing full accountability
  • The new target system will have a maximum level of quality

Next Steps

Download Seven Steps to a Successful Migration White Paper