Understanding Your Existing Content

Ensuring you have a clear understanding of the current status of your web and document content is a prerequisite for moving towards a proactive strategy for Content Governance. After all if you can not get your current `house' in order, what hope is there of maintaining control over content as you move forward?

Download Five Steps to Discovering the Real Shape of Your Digital Content

You need to undertake a detailed analysis of all web and document content to provide reports on, for example, broken links, missing metadata, accessibility compliance, storage locations and other areas that will allow your content to be fully understood and then organized. This is valuable as a step prior to migration to a new ECMS, or simply allows for enhancement and standardization of content within an overall Governance strategy. It can often lead to a much better understanding of how content is used in the organization and what can be safely removed or archived prior to migration.

Failing to analyze and audit content across your enterprise will prevent your organization from fully achieving the ROI and expected benefits from a new ECMS. At worst the deployment may fail. It is therefore vital to:

  • Review all business content to aid decision-making
  • Discover the structure of all documents, Web and other content assets
  • Analyze your storage locations, publishing information and usage