The Rise of Information Governance

From Reactive E-Discovery to Proactive Information Management

Managing unstructured data is inherently different, and in many ways more challenging, than controlling its structured counterpart. This isn't a new problem; organizations have been implementing systems to handle unstructured data since the early days of electronic document management systems and enterprise search engines.

What has changed is the sheer volume of this information, particularly ad hoc content like email, instant messages, images and documents that reside in the wild on file servers and desktops or in rapidly proliferating SharePoint sites. And the risks and costs associated with this content are also on the rise as regulations and legal requirements change. These factors are causing many organizations to look more holistically at information governance practices and technologies.

This 451Report, focuses specifically on unstructured (or semi-structured, like email) information and governance as it relates primarily to litigation readiness.

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