Taxonomy Tagging

Business processes today rely heavily on the ability of individual 'information workers' to access corporate knowledge in a timely manner - consider Customer Service agents looking for updated information on Maintenance Schedules, for example, or Sales staff wanting to remotely access an old client proposal document while in a customer meeting. An inability to access accurate information in a timely manner can harm, customer relationships and undermine the credibility of your brand.

Vamosa Consulting can engage with you to implement a structured tagging process. This involves an automatic keyword /phrase extraction which will allow you to identify the key content your information consumers require and organize it in a structured way. This process ensures your content is more findable both for your users and search engines, increasing its value to your organization.

Vamosa Consulting will:

  • Map keywords and content to the taxonomy
  • Extract taxonomy keywords and phrases from your content
  • Weight keywords based on relevance
  • Tag content with metadata to increase findability
  • Remove the need for a lengthy manual process