Success at Department of Health and Ageing - Australia Cements Vamosa and IBM Partnership

16th May 2005

Vamosa, the developer of innovative extract, transform and load (ETL) software for enterprise content management systems announces a major customer success which acts as a milestone in the development of its channel strategy by confirming IBM as sales and marketing partner for Australia and New Zealand for the full range of Vamosa software.

"A major strand of our go to market strategy is the recruitment of very high quality partners in certain industry and geographical sectors" comments George Knox, CEO of Vamosa. "IBM and Vamosa believe that the foundations for a successful partnership lie in both partners ability to actually work together successfully, this is not just another agreement, this is based upon real success gained at IBM and Vamosa's project at The Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Health and Ageing" Knox continues.

IBM, as the preferred IT partner for Department of Health and Ageing, had to find a way to consolidate the creation, management and control of dozens of different Department web sites. They chose IBM Workplace Web Content Manager as the target content management system, but now had to migrate all of the Department's web content into Workplace Web Content Manager. "We needed to find a way to circumvent the manual migration methods as the manual options would be highly time consuming, overly complex and extremely expensive" says Theresa Eyssens of IBM Australia Business Consulting Services. "We needed an innovative solution to a major problem, and found it with Vamosa".

After completing an initial audit of the content, IBM felt confident to propose to their client a twelve week migration project, using the Vamosa technology to pick out all valid content from the dozens of existing sites, to standardise and rationalise this content, and finally deliver it to Workplace Web Content Manager in the correct format. Eyssens adds "The flexibility of the Vamosa solution was the key to the successful delivery of the project to the client on-time, on specification and within budget. We now feel that by adding IBM's excellent channels to market, Vamosa and IBM will be able to deliver many projects of this type which were previously deemed to be impossible".

Rowena Sierant of Department of Health and Ageing concludes "We realised that this was a tough project. This department has integrated many services which were previously held within other government departments and therefore we had a real mix of styles and contributors within each of our myriad of websites. However, accuracy and timeliness must always be the key to our communications with the Australian public. We were cautiously optimistic when IBM and Vamosa completed their initial audit, and have been very pleased that the final project met each of the key objectives in terms of time, functionality and cost. We feel we can now rely on Vamosa to ensure that anytime in the future, we can and will quickly and efficiently introduce new and relevant information to the people of Australia"

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