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Vamosa's Migration Methodology focuses on moving content seamlessly from one platform to another. Migration is a key area of opportunity when considering content quality and how it can be improved. Built upon the experience of hundreds of successful projects, the Vamosa Migration Methodology formalizes the steps required for improving content quality during a migration project.

Vamosa Methodology
In simple terms, the content migration requirement exists as a three stage process.

  • Extract
  • Transform
  • Load

The methodology is designed to be used as a step by step guide during every migration project and is fundamental to successful and consistent delivery. Within Vamosa this approach has proven to be effective and is used as both a reference and a check list during content migration projects.

In conjunction with a delivery team familiar with the process and a stable and flexible toolset, in Vamosa Content Migrator, Vamosa has the ability to accurately plan and deliver large scale migration projects. The process has been proven to increase quality and consistency through the entire migration process.

Migration projects benefit from being processed using a method that:

  • Has tool support - Vamosa toolset
  • Involves all relevant stakeholders
  • Operates in a controlled, manageable manner
  • Has pre-defined steps
  • Has QA and checkpoints built in
  • Is executed in a repeatable, auditable and risk-controlled manner

Overall, the method approach addresses itself to balancing the key aspects of a project, those being Time, Function and Money.

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