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Vamosa Technologies has a suite of software products and services that can analyse, migrate and integrate your content and data to your chosen destination. Whether you are migrating to the Cloud or moving out of Public Cloud, Private Cloud or an On-Premises solution, Vamosa has connector technology for all of the leading Enterprise Content/Document Management Systems and Collaboration Suites. We can move your content for you, or enable you to move it yourself.

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Our expert content analysis will give you valuable insights into your content and data. Content analysis is delivered by one of our experienced consultants. Using the Vamosa software suite, the content and data is analysed and reports are produced automatically. This will deliver key insights providing a clear and unambiguous view of the content you have, where it is, who is using it and when.

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We offer bespoke migration of content and data to and from the Cloud. Whether you are moving to a new ECMS or Collaboration Platform in the Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or On-Premise, we can migrate all of the content and data that you want to take from your existing system. The Vamosa Technologies software suite has a content processing engine and connectors to enable us to extract content from your existing system and then to migrate that content to the chosen target system. We work with the leading ECMS and Collaboration platform providers to develop our connectors. This ensures that the content you need to take from your existing system will be moved to the new system with all of the new system's mandatory requirements set. This provides your system with legacy content working on the day that you launch.

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Migration Factory

If you are interested in carrying out your own migration, we can build and host, or install, a bespoke migration factory for your specific migration requirements. We would supply you with our connectors that would be required and train you in the execution of the migration.

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