To achieve effective Enterprise Content Governance, organizations must bring structure and control to content by implementing content quality processes. Vamosa products automate the complete content quality lifecycle:


It is vital to both audit and analyze content stored within your network and assess the implementation of content quality attributes such as metadata, information architecture and other extended attributes. Vamosa Content Analyzer gives any enterprise the ability to build a total view of its corporate content store.


There are ways of ensuring that all business content is 'up to code' and both business and application ready. By applying such business rules, Vamosa helps organizations worldwide to get the most from their content investments. Vamosa Content Cleanser for web and documents cleanses existing content by updating and correcting business attributes such as metadata and the information architecture. Vamosa Check and Fix and MetaPoint help to maintain such standards and ensure business rules are being adhered to.


It is important to ensure that any content management system contains all of the published business content which exists outside the managed environment. Vamosa Content Cleanser can help to prepare content for business use by implementing a simple process for web and document content to be classified and categorized correctly.


If you use a Content Management System (CMS) to manage web or document content you will already know that one of the key issues faced is how to move existing content into the new system. Vamosa Content Migrator automates web and document content migrations.

Monitoring and Maintenance

In a complex, multi site, multi author, multi component world, it is not always apparent what the impact might be of a single, seemingly simple change to your website content. Vamosa help you to establish a method of getting your content to a baseline standard, but with Vamosa Check and Fix we can also help you to implement on-going monitoring processes, AND even build processes to automatically fix issues quickly and accurately when they arise, but before they become an issue.