Post - M&A Content Integration

Mergers and Acquisitions are high profile events and the need to seamlessly merge two disparate content stores together and deliver a consistent message to users is vital to successful integration of the organizations. To achieve this, your team needs to deal with such issues as brand compliance, application of a single information architecture, content model, and corporate taxonomy.These all require careful planning.

As this is normally a one-off exercise, the very specific expertise required to deliver a seamless merging of content with no impact to authors or end-users does not tend to be available in-house.

Vamosa Consulting, who offer extensive experience of rationalizing and migrating content within many major M&A projects, will solve the issues involved in deploying content into a unified target model, reducing cost and timelines with no risk to content quality or consistency.

Vamosa Consulting will:

  • Advise on information architecture, metadata model, brand compliance and content cleanup
  • Rationalize and transform content to meet the requirements of the new unified content store
  • Merge content seamlessly with no conflicts and no impact to end-users.
  • Define and implement a governance model for the content to ensure all future content conforms to the organizations digital content policies.