'Out-of-the-Box' Policies

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WebWorxx monitors your web properties against a configurable list of policies. Each web property can be configured to have its own set of policies. These policies incorporate a range of typical web operations issues such as:

  • Accessibility (26 Policies)
  • Search Engine Optimization (10 Policies)
  • Brand Compliance (8 Policies)
  • Governance (4 Policies)
  • Data Protection (7 Policies)
  • HTML Standards (2 Policies)


1. Easy-to-configure policies mean you can get the benefits of WebWorxx very quickly with no additional implementation costs
2. Policies can be grouped into user-defined roles giving you full control on exception reporting by policy category for different user types
3. Having full control over which policies to turn on/off for individual web properties at any time allows you to control your focus to a granular level

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