MOSS Migration WorkShop Offer

Address your MOSS Migration Strategy with a FREE Half Day Vamosa Workshop

Vamosa will conduct a discovery and diagnostic review of your MOSS migration strategy on site, in a relaxed informal discussion format.

The workshop will illustrate a detailed set of actions and timescales that reflect how to execute your MOSS migration using your own resources to achieve your business results. Let us help you plan for success.

We will help you to address questions such as:

  • How is your existing Content structured?
  • How will that structure map to the new target system?
  • How much of the existing content is accessed or relevant?
  • Can irrelevant or obsolete content be removed prior to migration?
  • Does the site contain dynamic content or applications that may have to be recreated in the target system?
  • A well structured and planned migration provides many opportunities to improve quality. How can you maximize these?
  • Who is managing the process?
  • Are timelines, functionality requirements, user training and system architecture all understood and being addressed in a coordinated way?

Together we can identify any gaps in your ability to execute this process, and use Vamosa's extensive experience and expertise to make recommendations on closing those gaps to ensure your migration is a successful one.

To apply for this FREE WorkShop please indicate your interest by clicking here (t's & c's apply)