Migration Solutions to IBM

Automated high-performance content migrations from any source to IBM

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Vamosa software plus consulting services are used to deliver functionally rich, low risk, fast engagements when a customer wants to perform a migration of web content, documents or digital assets from ANY platform to IBM.


Typically, large organizations will have more than six existing content or document management systems (ECMS & EDMS) spread across the enterprise. When that organization implements a new IBM platform simply ignoring old content and building new is not an option.

Vamosa Automated Content Migration allows you to analyse all content stores and assess the size of the challenge, build repeatable complex migration frameworks and report on where content has been moved from and to where.


Understanding the size of the challenge is the first step towards creating a solution:

  • Content Analyser can access all content stores, file systems, databases, websites and log files
  • A full inventory of content, links, storage requirements, metadata and security atrributes can be created


The Vamosa tooling and the T-Systems consultants can build extensive repeatable complex migration frameworks to:

  • Automatically identify the type of content and process it appropriately
  • Condition the content to fit and work inside the target system
  • Add all required metadata and tags to ensure the content is used and can be found correctly
  • Automatically translate all links to ensure the content relationships are correct in the new target system

The Report

With the Vamosa technology it is a simple matter to prove what has happened to content as it has passed through the process. Vamosa automatically generates:

  • Source to target maps showing where all content has been moved from and to where
  • Digital fingerprints to prove that the actual content has not changed in the migration process
  • Full log details of what was changed and when