Migration Solutions to Day CQ5

T-Systems offers a full range of content migration solutions, with extensive experience of migrating content to Day CQ 5 through its Vamosa Technologies products and services.

Vamosa Technologies Capabilities:

  • Content Analysis - The pre-migration analysis provides a better understanding of your web estate and can identify duplicate, redundant or obsolete content before migrating it into Day CQ5
  • Content Cleansing - Key information relating to content structure and quality is extracted allowing for the content to be reshaped to the requirements of the new Day CQ5 implementation.
  • Content Migration - All Day CQ5 functionality is supported by Content Migrator. DAM population and link integrity are managed by Vamosa Content Migrator.

Results and Benefits

  • Fast and repeatable migration of content to Day CQ using world class methodology
  • Full connectivity to Day CQ DAM
  • Automatic creation of site hierarchy
  • Link integrity retained within HTML content and digital assets in DAM
  • Fully customizable content transformation to ensure best fit with CQ templates
  • Content de-duplication and clean up during migration
  • Ability to restructure Information Architecture if required

Next Steps

Download Content Migration Seven Steps to Success

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