Migration Methodology

Vamosa's migration methodology supports the end-to-end process of moving content seamlessly from one platform to another. Migration provides the opportunity to assess leagcy content quality and implement new governance processes. Built upon the experience of hundreds of successful projects, the Vamosa migration methodology formalizes the steps required for improving content quality and automating governance policies during a migration project.

In simple terms, content migration is a three stage process:

  • Extract
  • Transform
  • Load

The methodology is designed as a step-by-step guide to a successful migration project and is fundamental to on time, on budget delivery.It has been proven on over 200 migration projects carried out by Vamosa Consulting.

Vamosa migration projects incorporate a methodology that:

  • Involves all relevant stakeholders
  • Operates in a controlled, manageable manner
  • Has pre-defined steps
  • Has QA and checkpoints built in
  • Incorporates Vamosa software for automation of agreed technical and business policies
  • Is executed in a repeatable, auditable and risk-controlled manner

For more information on the Vamosa migration methodology contact the Vamosa Sales Office.