MetaPoint gives enterprises that are implementing SharePoint 2007/2010 for document management, the ability to simplify and automate their content lifecycle from the point of creation on the desktop to storage in the SharePoint repository.

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Business Results

  • Increases information worker productivity
  • Delivers maximum availability of information assets
  • Reduces SharePoint administration costs
  • Reduces corporate, legal and regulatory risk

Key Benefits

  • Create documents in Office and store them directly to SharePoint without burdening the user with tagging and classification
  • Find and manage content across a large number of SharePoint farms and site collections
  • Enhance information governance through the consistent administration and provisioning of SharePoint Content Types and Site Columns
  • Monitor the compliance of SharePoint site collections against the approved corporate standards

Next Steps:

Download MetaPoint Business Results Sheet Empowering a Smooth Transition to SharePoint 2010
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