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Disappointed Customers? - A review of UK Retail Online

T-Systems has used Vamosa technology to look 'under the hood' of 139 UK retail websites over a three week period in April and May of 2011. The purpose of the review was to provide insight into the challenges and mechanics of web retailer's sites on two dimensions.

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7 Steps to IBM LWCM Migration

This white paper presents a roadmap and defines the implementation steps required in order to achieve a successful migration into IBM LWCM.

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Content Migration Seven Steps to Success

The migration of web pages or documents into a Content Management System
(CMS) is often undertaken as a last minute exercise. This white paper outlines
the business benefits of taking a planned approach to content migrations.

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Five Steps to Discovering the Real Shape of Your Digital Content

What most organizations do not realize is the actual volume of data living and breathing on their corporate web properties. In a world where it is estimated that around 80% of corporate data exists in unstructured forms - web pages and documents - just assessing the scale of the challenge can be a major headache.

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Making Enterprise Content Governance a Reality

Read this paper, and you'll learn more about the typical barriers to starting a content quality project. You'll see how Vamosa's unique end-to-end technology portfolio can break down those barriers, by automating the content quality lifecycle. And you'll see why this makes Vamosa the only solutions provider truly equipped to make content quality - and Enterprise Content Governance - a reality.

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SharePoint Migration: Five steps to achieving effective governance for complex projects

This paper describes five steps to achieving and maintaining effective governance of complex SharePoint projects. Through Vamosa's unique approach, you'll discover how you can help your whole business achieve true Enterprise Content Governance, for enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, lower costs and better compliance.

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The Rise of Information Governance

How do you start to get a grip on the uncontrolled data in your organization and implement policies to keep it under control? Do you even know how much unstructured data is drifting around unmanaged in data repositories across your company?

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Time to Make Content a Board-Level Issue

The need for businesses to protect costs and competitive edge has never been greater. That's why now is the time for organizations to control and structure their content properly across the enterprise. Through proper control of content - truly effective Enterprise Content Governance - businesses can optimize their existing investment in enterprise content management systems, while reducing costs, improving corporate efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing their carbon footprint.

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Web Content Migration: - 4 steps to Effective Governance

When deciding to migrate web content into a new Enterprise Content Management system (ECM system), organizations often stick their heads in the sand about Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG). Overwhelmed by the volume of content they own, they listen to those ECM system vendors who claim ECoG to be 'too difficult', preferring instead to believe that content migration can really be as simple as moving content out of one system and into another.

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Web Governance and Standards Compliance

The Web is simply too mission-critical to operate in an ad hoc or informal manner. In order to effectively align the Web with strategic objectives, formal Web Governance must be established and mechanisms to enforce standards must be incorporated into day-to-day operations.

This white paper created in conjunction with WelchmanPierpoint helps to illustrate the importance of Web Governance.

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