Keyword Tagging

Make Content Findable and Relevant. Business processes today rely heavily on the ability of individual 'information workers' to access corporate knowledge in a timely manner - consider Customer Service agents looking for updated information on Maintenance Schedules, for example, or Sales staff wanting to remotely access an old client proposal document while in a customer meeting.

The issue is equally relevant across your web sites. Failure to access accurate information in a timely manner can harm customer relationships and undermine the credibility of your brand.

By implementing a tagging strategy, companies can dramatically improve the chances that key content will be found. Vamosa Consulting offer a keyword tagging service offeing the following benefits:

  • Improved SEO, helping your organization get found online
  • Creation of easy to use consumer interfaces such as 'tag clouds' - for immediate content 'findability'
  • Lower 'wait time', improving collaboration and knowledge worker productivity and customer service.

Traditionally this exercise would require a large amount of manual effort. By deploying Vamosa's expertise and software, clients achieve zero downtime and no manual effort.