Information Governance

Information Governance is considered to be one of the major components of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) as it enables organizations to achieve their EIM objectives of structuring, describing and governing information assets. Information Governance is a clear set of policies and procedures designed to govern a piece of information from its creation through to its destruction. And at the centre of any information governance initiative is content.

Content must be indexed, classified and filed like paper files used to be, so that we can find it and understand its value. Compliance, knowledge sharing and business productivity make this fundamental.The need for businesses to protect costs and competitive edge has never been greater. That's why now is the time for organizations to control and structure their content properly across the enterprise. Through proper control of content - truly effective Enterprise Content Governance -businesses can optimize their existing investment in enterprise content management systems, while reducing costs, improving corporate efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing their carbon footprint. With a better understanding and tight controls over your information you can make quicker, easier and more productive business decisions. Vamosa solutions automate the end-to-end process of content quality to ensure your content is optimized to deliver business value.

Vamosa Content Quality Builder automates the application of business and technical policies to content whilst Vamosa Check and Fix can be used to monitor and automatically fix content in accordance with these policies.