IBM Lotus TransWCM

Vamosa's solutions and services for IBM Lotus Web Content Management (LWCM)
Vamosa is a key participant in the IBM Lotus TransWCM initiative to enable customers to elevate their web content management (WCM) experience through LWCM. Vamosa's partnership with IBM provides customers with a seamless migration to LWCM, by offering Vamosa's suite of products and services for ECoG that automate the process of analysis, cleansing, standardization, migration and maintenance of content for the LWCM environment

Analyzing, enhancing and migrating content can be a daunting task for organizations. Vamosa's partnership with IBM brings automates the process to ensure customer migrations are streamlined.

Vamosa's products and solutions enable organizations to:

  • Find all relevant web pages from one or multiple sites, understand what content you have, where it is stored and who is using it and when.
  • Establish what changes need to be made and rules need applied to the web pages to satisfy the content quality requirements of LWCM
  • Apply all relevant updates to the web pages: metadata, structure, and actual web content
  • Load all web components, metadata, structure and links to your LWCM implementation


The Vamosa solution for IBM LWCM provides all of the functionality required to address the differing requirements between existing source systems, and the LWCM implementation through the use of the Vamosa OpenAccess connectors which are available for all major Content Management Systems.


Vamosa's solution for IBM LWCM enables:

  • Content to be migrated from any source system to LWCM
  • LWCM components to always have the correct metadata and information architecture
  • High volume processing capabilities for rapid application of changes
  • Rules-based processing that provides 'quality built in'
  • All changes to be logged and tracked to provide a complete audit trail and thus ensure full accountability

Who benefits?

  • Brand managers can ensure that all components of the brand are implemented correctly into the new sites and new systems.
  • Information managers can ensure that all relevant properties and metadata are correctly created
  • LWCM authors are provisioned with model content demonstrating the correct implementation of properties, templates and metadata

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