Vamosa is an integration and technology partners of IBM. Vamosa's suite of products and services for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) provide customers implementing IBM's Workplace Web Content Management (WWCM) product with solutions to analyze, cleanse, standardize, migrate and maintain content in the IBM environment.

As a core part of IBM's portal strategy, WWCM reduces development and implementation time and places content creation and management firmly in the hands of content experts for 'author once, publish everywhere' control. The product runs on both Lotus Domino and IBM WebSphere and provides for the integration of IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM DB2 Content Manager - making this offering a great IBM middleware fit and an opportunity to leverage existing investments.

Vamosa has developed an open access connector to both the Lotus Domino and Java versions of WWCM in conjunction with IBM WWCM product specialists..
Many organizations are looking for a single vendor strategy in the area of collaboration and portals. IBM and Vamosa deliver that strategy through our ability to consolidate from any existing CMS implementation, or any unmanaged content, into WWCM.