IBM becomes core partner in Vamosa's aggressive push for growth

16th May 2005

Vamosa, the developer of innovative extract, transform and load (ETL) software for enterprise content management systems is pleased to announce its global partnership with IBM, the computer software, hardware and service giant.

"IBM is an extremely focused organisation with a team of very dedicated employees and an incredibly strong customer base." comments George Knox, CEO of Vamosa. "We first worked with IBM last year at The Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Health and Ageing. The project exceeded the expectations, both of IBM, and the client. By delivering this complex project on time and within the cost parameters required, we proved that Vamosa's innovative approach to content re-engineering can deliver previously unheard of throughput, quality and flexibility" Knox continues.

Since the project in Australia, Vamosa have been forging links across the IBM organisation and around the world. The main strands of the relationship are in the services arena and in the software field.

In services, Vamosa have been working with regional consulting teams to develop a joint proposition based around Vamosa's ability to rapidly enable the full use of IBM Workplace Web Content Manager. Vamosa has the capability of taking content fro any source (whether it is managed or not), and to transform it, through its rules engine, into business ready knowledge. This can then be loaded into Workplace Web Content Manager in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Nic Archer, Product Champion at Vamosa explains "it is always a real paradox, that when trying to implement an enterprise content management system (ECMS) strategy, it is the sheer volume of content which already exists that can make or break the project. What is the point in setting up this great new application when you have no content powering it - you can't run a refrigerator without electricity and you can't run an ECMS without content. IBM sees that the best way to get real return on investment for their customers ECMS project is to fill the repository up with content." But Archer warns "the only way to do this that is any way financially feasible or within reasonable timescales is to use an automated tool. We say that using Vamosa saves around 80% of the costs and 80% of the time that it would take to do this any other way."

In parallel, Vamosa have also been forging close ties with IBM's software business. "IBM has been making huge strides in the whole area of Enterprise Content Management in the last few years" explains Brendan Greene - Chief Technology Officer for Vamosa. "This means that IBM is now in the position to take back the initiative in this whole space. With world dominating brands such as DB2 for storage, and Websphere for OnDemand processing, IBM have a very strong story in this area. We have developed a full interface into IBM's ECMS strategy and are looking forward to the next phase which is proliferation. With Vamosa and IBM developing new offerings to displace competition and to extend the scope and reach of existing ECMS implementations, I see a lot of activity in this space in the next year" concluded Greene.

About Vamosa
Vamosa is a sector-defining software and solutions company specializing in the emerging area of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG). Recognized as a global leader in ECoG, Vamosa is the only company that offers an integrated suite of products and services to manage the end-to-end process of discovering, transforming, deploying and maintaining content quality. Vamosa's solutions allow the world's largest enterprises and governments to analyze, enhance, standardize, monitor and maintain all forms of business content within a policy-based infrastructure of best practice methods. Organizations with Vamosa's ECoG solutions benefit from improved regulatory compliance, enhanced knowledge management and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for content management.

The company has provided solutions and consultancy for content discovery, cleansing, migration and maintenance to some of the world's largest enterprises and government departments including, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, IBM, Oracle and Volkswagen North America. For more information, visit

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