Vamosa Technologies and Glasswall work closely together to help customers ensure that all of the documents and files that they own or receive are benign and free from malware or structural manipultations. Working together, Vamosa and Glasswall can ensure that legacy files which are already on the company's networks or ECMS, DMS or Collaboration Platform are benign and meet the specified document standards. Whether these platforms are Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or On-Premise, the combination of Vamosa Technologies and Glasswall can ensure that you meet all corporate security policies.

About Glasswall

Glasswall is a unique software technology that regenerates a benign file from an original email attachment, and removes all malware and structural manipulations in real time. The complete regeneration of a file, so that it is compliant with the design specification for that document type, ensures absolute protection from embedded malware and malicious code.

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