Enterprise Content Governance

Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) is an approach to ensure the chaos of digital content is structured and controlled, transforming content, wherever it resides, into findable knowledge.

Vamosa's products for Documents and Web automatically tag digital content, clean legacy data and seamlessly migrate content into the target CMS. As content is consumed by users, Vamosa ensures corporate standards are adhered to and auto-fixes if breaches occur.

Vamosa ECoG Framework

Vamosa's Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) Framework illustrates the key lifecycle stages of digital content and therefore the governance priorities regarding content within an organization.

The framework shows the need for rigorous, accountable processes around content, covering initiation, creation/authoring, storage/control and finally consumption.

It shows the importance of getting control over content. By executing over time a rigorous ECoG structure the following results are achievable:

  • Content transformed into findable knowledge; translating to reduced costs, increased efficiency and customer service and enhanced and extended collaboration.
  • Lowered cost of e-discovery to ensure an organization is litigation ready by achieving a high level of well tagged, streamlined, compliant content.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of web sites based upon governance to increase interaction and sales, and reduce risk i.e. the exposure of personal information, incorrect product information or poor brand representation.
  • Seamless migrations helping to cut timescales, human error and of course minimize costs.