ECoG Suite for Web

Vamosa Enterprise Content Governance Suite for Web: Automated, policy-based governance for enterprise-wide web properties.

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What it Does

Vamosa Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) Suite for Web is a multi-function, configurable software platform that brings control and structure to all web properties across your whole enterprise. It provides the ability to discover, clean, migrate, deploy, monitor and maintain the governance of all web content.

  • Provided through a cloud based scalable platform, or deployed inside of your fire wall.
  • Uniquely gets your website under the control of a governance framework - Vamosa ECoG - and then continuously monitors it to ensure that you maintain high levels of governance.

Business Results

  • Dramatically reduces the cost and timeline of migration projects for web sites.
  • Delivers web confidence through the continuous monitoring of any potential breaches of compliance on your site such as brand deviations, accessibility, broken links etc
  • Mitigates risk by allowing access to any historical published web page.
  • Ensures relevant web content is always presented by targeting and eliminating orphan content

Symptoms and their consequences

Issue 1 - Broken links

  • Your web users get frustrated by constant messages telling them that the page cannot be found
  • A significant proportion of your website appears to be missing but you know the content was posted


An important file (such as a contract or a software download) can be lost through the simple act of changing its name or important information you share from other sites may disappear without your knowledge or search engine optimization efforts are easily negated by simple mistakes

Issue 2 - Technology overload

  • Typically, enterprises may have more than one place to store their web content


The expense of supporting multiple platforms cannot be understated, taking account of specialist support staff and on-going software and hardware maintenance. This problem often grows over time especially in acquisitive groups.

Issue 3 - How can I govern if I cannot even measure my challenges

  • Multiple web properties increase the monitoring workload
  • Risk mitigation by deploying time consuming manual methods can lead to huge publishing delays


Risk aversion will lead to significant delays and bottle necks in making changes to your web properties. As these tend to be your organization's primary method of communication with the outside world, time to market for innovation is delayed which severely impacts competitiveness.