ECoG Suite for Documents

Vamosa Enterprise Content Governance Suite for Documents: automated, policy-based governance for all corporate document stores.

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What It Does

  • Vamosa Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) Suite for Documents is a configurable software platform that brings control and structure to all documents across your whole enterprise. It provides the ability to discover, de-duplicate, clean, migrate, deploy and review most document stores.
  • It is easily installed inside your firewall guaranteeing the security and integrity of your corporate documents.
  • Vamosa ECoG for Documents uniquely pinpoints breaches of policy for all document governance areas, and offers automated processes to resolve the breach. Ongoing monitoring and reporting allows you to keep your document stores up to code.

Business Results

  • Dramatically reduces the cost and timeline of implementing SharePoint, Oracle UCM or other document store.
  • Offers ongoing reporting capabilities to ensure that the documents always stay inside of the security of your compliance mandates
  • Ensures that a single version of the truth exists within your huge stores of documents
  • Delivers findable, tagged documents that can be effectively accessed with confidence by core business applications

Symptoms and Consequences

Issue 1 - Missing documents can lead to massive duplication

  • Customer correspondence, presentation material or reports can easily get lost due to the poor use of tagging standards
  • Inconsistent naming conventions make it impossible to correctly track vital project or customer documents.


An important file (such as a contract or a customer proposal) can be misplaced as files may be distributed through email systems, stored on local disks and then updated. This results in many versions and poor findability of files and documents

Issue 2 - The corporate document haystack never gets smaller

The rate of growth of stored documents inhibits the ability to get documents under control. Hundreds of millions of documents are not unusual, and trying to apply standards to all of these files can be perceived as daunting if not impossible.


Business functions will implement initiatives for their own area, but a corporate implementation of standards is rare. This means that businesses lose corporate memory, and it becomes impossible to get a holistic view of customers, products, marketing efforts etc.