Duplicate Content

In most enterprises, the cost of duplicate content is significant and will include:

  • Extra storage costs
  • Increased time to locate relevant information
  • Extensive re-work or even authoring
  • Inefficient knowledge sharing
  • Disillusionment with the process

These issues cause information to develop in isolation within the enterprise, further reducing knowledge transfer and collaboration. As a result, the duplication of content in an enterprise can have a damaging impact on efficiency, effectiveness and productivity levels.

Evaluation of Duplicate Content

Vamosa can deliver an extensive evaluation of duplicate content within your business, and can help to develop:

  • A plan of action to reduce (or preferably eradicate) duplicate content
  • Ongoing best practices to avoid duplicate content in future
  • A versioning process for collaborative document development.

Vamosa's Products for Web and Documents identify and remove duplicates from all forms of business content as part of an automated cleanse and standardization process, often as part of a migration initiative, including:

  • Files, documents and folders
  • Web based content
  • Digital assets