Customer Enablement

Vamosa Expert Services help their customers find the right way to engage through assessing project requirements against the customers risk strategy and internal skill sets. We leverage the expertise and experience of the team to best match the customer needs profile to ensure the right engagement model is achieved.

Vamosa tailors its engagement model to the business needs of its customer through offering:

Customer Enablement Package

The customer enablement package provides the customer project team with the correct level of theoretical and practical training to allow the customer to deliver a successful migration project, using the Vamosa product suites, with the minimum support from Vamosa Expert Services.

The enablement package is based upon, through the provision of its Vamosa Expert Services consultants experience and expertise, to carryout both product and method training along with delivering a rapid project architecture and approach to the customer. The training provides the solid foundations empowering the customer to build, execute and deliver a successful content analysis and migrations to the highest quality standards while mitigating risk by having Vamosa Expert Services support the customer team.

The enablement package is designed to supply an overview of the Vamosa Methodology which will be used by the Solution Architect, Project Manager and Technical Lead. The training package provides 'hands on' introduction to Vamosa products aimed primarily at the analysis/migration team, that by the end of the training will allow the customer to Capture and Analyse along with Extract, Transform and Load content confidently into a target CMS.
Each stage of the training provides the correct balance of best practice approach and guidance driven through practical examples for the delegates to work through.

Upon completion of the training package Vamosa Expert Services work remotely with the customer to provide a combination of formal and adhoc support. The profile of the support is agreed with the customer to match the timescales, complexity and skills of the team.
Vamosa offers both Analysis and Migration enablement packages.

Customer Solution Packages

The customer solution packages are configured alongside the customer to match the business success criteria for the project. Vamosa would provide its Vamosa Expert Services consultants to own the content analysis or migration project. By utilising best practice knowledge and expertise in the product and method Vamosa Expert Services would mitigate the risk on behalf of the customer delivering a successful content migration quickly, flexibly and to the highest quality standards.

Customers can best leverage the Vamosa Expert Services consultants embedded knowledge from all its project and programs leveraging the experience which has gained success for all our enterprise customer base.

The Vamosa Expert Services consultants would guide the customer through all the steps and phases in the project outlining all dependencies and when these are required by. In parallel the Vamosa Expert Services consultant would own the project architecture design and executions providing to the customer a proven, repeatable and auditable process across the extract, transform and loading of content from its source to target destinations.

Customers typically select a solution package from Vamosa when:

  • There are resource or knowledge constraints within the organization or team
  • There is a time critical deadline to get off or get onto a new platform
  • The project needs are more complex at a business and technical level

As well as customized solution packages Vamosa offer off the shelf solutions to meet a specific need or target CMS.