Content Monitoring

In a complex, multi site, multi author, multi component world, it is not always apparent what the impact might be of a single, seemingly simple change to your website content. Keeping track of these changes and maintaining a consistent brand message can also be incredibly difficult for an organization to control.

Many content authors make changes to their web pages through an authoring process within the web content management system. This content links to other content, it uses product names, product images, and corporate logos. It should be accessible, and relevant, findable and worthwhile.

Vamosa Technologies has extensive experience in helping large enterprises to establish a high quality web-based messaging platform that is controlled and constrained by business policies. Vamosa Technologies products incorporate on-going maintenance of your web properties by using a SaaS-based service to monitor any changes to your web properties for conformance with the business and technical policies configured in during implementation. Policies monitored include:

  • Accessibility guidelines
  • HTML standards
  • Brand management
  • Content governance
  • Search engine optimization

How Can Vamosa Technologies help you to Monitor your Web Content?
Not only will Vamosa help you to establish a baseline standard for your content during implementation but, as part of an annual maintenance service, we can also help you to implement on-going monitoring processes.