Content Modeling

A poorly designed content model can have a serious impact on the productivity of content authors within your CMS and will impact the end-user experience. Content types determine the templates that can be used to create content.

Too many can result in uncertainty over which template should be used and will result in content either being created in the wrong place, or similar content being created in different places by different authors. This increases the potential for inconsistent information to exist and is ultimately confusing and misleading for the end user.

Vamosa Consulting can help you to streamline your content authoring process and reduce the risk of misleading or duplicate content in your CMS. Vamosa Consulting has vast experience in developing a rationalized content model and will help ensure confidence in the quality of your web site.

A content modeling engagement with Vamosa Consulting will:

  • Reduce the time it takes to create content
  • Reduce content duplication
  • Improve the end user and author experience
  • Improve the releavance, value and overall quality of your content