Content Modeling

A poorly designed content model can have a serious impact on the productivity of content authors within your CMS and will impact the end-user experience.

Content types e.g. Press Releases, Articles, Newsletters etc. determine the templates that can be used to create content. If you create too many content types life can become very confusing, very quickly. It will result in:

  • Uncertainty over which template should be used resulting in content either being created in the wrong place, or similar content being created in different places
  • The potential for inconsistent information to exist is ultimately confusing
    and misleading for the end user, impacting the user's ability to find the content they need, when they need it.

Vamosa's Consulting Practice ensures that your user experience is enhanced by:

  • Rationalizing your content model to maximize efficiency
  • Removing ambiguity in authoring templates which leads to duplication
  • Mapping existing content to new content model
  • Ensuring common metadata model exists for all content