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If you use a Content Management System (CMS) to manage web or document content you will already know that one of the key issues faced is how to move existing content into the new system.

On paper content migration looks relatively easy. A team of people could spend the next six months copying files and web pages from their existing location into the new CMS.

However, this is not such a simple proposition - content migration projects tend to involve hundreds of minor changes to very large volumes of content.

  • How many files can one person move in one day?
  • What happens during this move? Do you place a content freeze across the entire site for the duration of the content migration project?
  • What about moving the attached documents and handling internal and external links? How can you incorporate this functionality into your migration strategy?

A 'lift and shift' approach or manual migration often results in slow, difficult and expensive projects and fails to deliver the anticipated benefits from your CMS. Migrations are often high-profile projects within an organization that require a proven approach and robust technologies to ensure success.

How Can Vamosa Technologies help with your Migration Requirements?

Vamosa offers both turnkey and configured software technology to your migration challenges. With its automated engine and its open access connectors, Vamosa Content Migrator helps you to receive the best results from your migration project.

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