Content Lifecycle

Having purchased your new Content Management System (CMS) you are working towards a successful implementation that supports your organization's overall strategy. You define new roles and workflow, create new standards for document deployment, web page design and development and release this to your user community for live operation.

To support this, your content lifecycle defines the creation, authoring, approval, retirement, archiving and deletion processes for new content.

However, existing web content or document stores were not created in this way - they exist outside this new content lifecycle. Data migration of existing content into a CMS requires significant metadata enhancement to comply with the new content lifecycle.

Vamosa's Experience with Content Management

Vamosa's unique set of products and services enables you to address the complex issues of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG). Supported features include:

  • automatic capture and translation of web pages and documents
  • project-specific metadata creation and application
  • application of owner, approval stage, creation and expiry dates
  • automated classification and taxonomy creation
  • dynamic load of all metadata and documents directly into the CMS during data migration

You can incorporate all your websites and documents into the CMS with full content lifecycle support during the implementation of the migration. All the information is stored within the CMS along with the relevant pages and documents.

Vamosa Products

Vamosa Content Migrator is the world's most successful product specifically designed to meet the challenges of implementing a content management lifecycle across the organization as you migrate content to your new CMS.