Content Compliance

In late 2006, new amendments were made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) regarding electronic discovery of evidence. Known as 'eDiscovery', these amendments force US companies in litigation to present a whole array of electronic evidence data to lawyers, from email to instant messaging chats and accounting databases.

The risk presented by eDiscovery can be significantly reduced by ensuring that all relevant and required content is easily found.

Vamosa's products will prepare your content for eDiscovery (and other regulatory requirements) prior to migration by:

  • De-duplicating your content to ensure that only relevant content remains inside your network
  • Correctly classifying and tagging your content to make it more findable
  • Reducing the volumes of content within your network, to reduce the risk of accidental exposure

The consequence of failing to comply with FRCP are very real and can be very costly:

  • In 2008, failure to comply with FRCP data discovery demands in a litigation cost financial services firm UBS Warburg $29 million (i). Pharmaceutical company Merck, meanwhile, was forced to hand over an astounding $253 million for the same reasons.

Effective governance has to be part of a successful eDiscovery strategy to lower the risk of being unprepared, and ensure that access to electronic content doesn't end up being extremely costly.

(i) HP Survey