Content Cleansing

There are ways of ensuring that all business content is 'up to code' and both business and application ready.

The types of business rules organizations can apply to content as part of a standardization, cleansing or migration project include:

  • Removing duplicate information - de-duplication
  • Applying classification systems for compliance purposes
  • Knowledge representation
  • Intelligent search
  • Translation to XML
  • Systematic naming conventions
  • Intelligent culling of unnecessary content
  • Content validation
  • Format and style standardization

Applying these types of processes to your business content seems logical and rational. However, when applying them to large volumes of documents and many thousands of web pages, the task appears formidable.

How Vamosa Technologies Can Help you To Cleanse your Content

Vamosa Technologies products automate the cleansing process and help organizations worldwide to get the most from their content investments.

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