Content Cleansing

Poor content governance has a negative effect on brand values, end-user experience and the total cost of ownership of your content. Obsolete or duplicate content has a direct impact on performance, cost of hardware and storage and may also result in misleading content existing on your website.

Common issues such as poor accessibility, no standards compliance, lack of brand management and reduced findability may all be present due to a lack of content governance. These issues need to be resolved to maintain the quality and efficiency of your website and to reduce ongoing management and maintenance costs.

Vamosa Consulting will use their extensive experience of content governance to assess the quality of your content and to make recommendations on how it can be improved to ensure compliance with standards and consistent brand messaging.

Reports and analysis will be delivered via an online portal which provides both an executive summary and the ability to drill down to the properties of each piece of content on the site, highlighting any content issues.

Content will then be enhanced by undertaking a cleansing exercise to resolve the problem areas within your content store.

Vamosa Consulting will:

  • Standardize and enhance content
  • Improve Content findability
  • Resolve HTML formatting issues
  • Implement a new information architecture