Content Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is to base their Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) purchasing decision based solely upon technology appeal. This is a key reason for countless failed ECMS implementation projects. It is vital to both audit and analyze content stored within your network and assess the implementation of content quality attributes such as metadata, information architecture and other extended attributes.

The best technology cannot succeed if the content it works with is not fully understood and organized.

Remember 'garbage in = garbage out'.

Why is it Important to Analyze & Audit Web Content?

Failing to analyze and audit content across your enterprise will prevent your organization from fully achieving the ROI and expected benefits of the new system. At worst the deployment will result in failure.

There is now no reason not to analyze content.

Understanding where your web content components are, and how they are used helps organizations to identify what an ECMS solution can offer them. Our automated process using Vamosa Content Analyzer will analyze content in a fraction of the time taken to undertake this work manually.

How Vamosa Technologies can Help you to Audit your Content

Vamosa Content Analyzer will audit content and deliver key insights providing a clear and unambiguous view of what you have, where it is, who is using it and when.

Next Steps

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