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WebWorxx provides a collaborative user interface for the virtual web team across your team, department, organization or external suppliers/vendors. The WebWorxx UI provides all the graphs and statistics necessary to communicate how quickly the web team is tackling the problems across your web properties.


1. Hotspots display information based on individual roles. Users see only the hotspots for policies associated with their roles when they log in, allowing them to focus on what is important to them

2. The policy exception screen also displays only those exceptions associated with the user's role, eliminating any other "exception" noise

3. The ability to add comments against pages/focus areas within the portal offers a single collaboration platform for web projects, obviating the need to use inefficient communication tools, such as email and spreadsheets, to track progress

4. Focus areas provide the facility to bookmark pages into groups, based on your web projects - for example "all the 'About Us' pages containing Accessibility issues" which makes it easier to assign the project to a team member to resolve the issues

5. Team members, whether working on the project directly or not, can be invited to collaborate on a Focus area. This allows for a common place to work on a project and for a manager to create a work package for a colleague to work against

6. Out-of-the box graphical reporting offers insights into all key metrics, such as the number of problems occurring per week and the estimated resolution dates
7. Intuitive interface minimizes the time taken to get projects started and makes it easy to collaborate with team members

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