Chairman's Message

Vamosa's many unique capabilities make it unlike any other organization of its size, anywhere in the world.

I am constantly amazed by Vamosa's ability to find and retain world class customers. Looking at our customer list is like looking at a Who's Who of 21st century business giants - IBM, Oracle, AstraZeneca, BT and many more. Our government customer list is just as impressive.

Our unique capabilities fall into three major areas - technology, experience and method.

Vamosa consultants deliver imaginative and innovative solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) which utilize Vamosa's own unique and innovative software. This integrated suite of products brings unheard of value to large information management projects enabling content and documents to be in the right place, in the right format, for the right person, at the right time.

Secondly, Vamosa's track record in working within large complex projects is unparalleled. The customer list speaks for itself - whatever it is that we do, we do it right and our customers value our experience and skilled team of consultants.

Thirdly, Vamosa has ensured that the knowledge gained by customers, partners and consultants is preserved and analyzed to provide a real, repeatable methodology. Our tried and tested implementation methodology makes our customers confident that we can do more of the same, only for bigger projects and with more complexity, making a bigger business difference for our customers.

This combination of people, process and technology makes Vamosa the only option for organizations addressing the challenges of Enterprise Content Governance .

George Knox
Executive Chairman

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