Brand Governance

Brand compliance is hugely important for today's globalized organizations, in order to ensure their competitive messages are consistently communicated to key (and often geographically distributed) communities of interest.

For the sake of brand perception and customer loyalty the use of logos, fonts, colors and styles - as well as various types of capitalization and corporate terminology - must be effectively standardized across all content. This can be particularly challenging if a company manages multiple brands, and even more so if its portfolio is international.

WebWorxx is a web operations tool designed to allow web teams to ensure your key brands are consistent and that your brand governance strategy is being adhered to. WebWorxx monitors your web site to ensure brand consistency is maintained and provides a collaborative portal for web teams to work on brand governance 'hotspots' highlighted by the tool.

WebWorxx can assist in maintaining your company reputation by ensuring:

  • Your logos are used correctly
  • Fonts, colors and styles are aligned to your brand guidelines
  • Corporate vocabulary, product names and capitalization are consistent
  • Prohibited phrases and words are monitored and highlighted should breaches occur

In a globalized economy it is a challenge to maintain brand consistency across your portfolio of brands - mergers and acquisitions and just the sheer volume of content published every day make this an on-going challenge to even the best run web teams. WebWorxx can help you dramatically boost brand consistency, as part of an effective Content Governance Strategy.