Analyst recognition for Vamosa's enterprise strength migration software

2nd October 2008

Vamosa , the world leader in software and solutions for structuring, moving and enhancing web content and documents, has been recognised by industry analyst Butler Group as being the only show in town when it comes to Fortune 1000 companies and government departments.

'Vamosa Content Migrator was the first tool to market which can not only lift and shift content , but also add a huge amount of incremental value to that content through its unique content enhancement engine' explains Nic Archer, SVP Solutions at Vamosa.

'it goes without saying that we can access content from anywhere, and deploy it to any where - that is the easy part; where our customers really see the big advantage of Vamosa is with its ability to build up a series of business and technical rules which can be applied against that content' Archer continues. 'If you imagine that Vamosa Content Migrator is a factory production line, then we have hundreds of specialized pieces of tooling which allow us to change the content - classify, categorize, cleanse, correct, de-duplicate and shape to fit exactly the customer requirements and the target system' he concludes.

This third review of Vamosa Content Migrator highlights the longevity of the product line, and its penetration in the market. 'Vamosa is the only serious player in this market, and we see it growing' claims George Knox - Vamosa CEO. 'With global organizations such as Astra Zeneca, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Nokia and Vodafone as customers, we see this whole area as having fantastic growth potential. It is part of our bigger initiative in the area of content quality - we can get your content into the exact state it needs to be, and with some exciting new announcements we will be making in late 2008, we will be showing how we can keep that content up to very high levels of quality' explains Knox.

The Butler Technology Audit is available from here

About Vamosa
Vamosa is a sector-defining software and solutions company specializing in the emerging area of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG). Recognized as a global leader in ECoG, Vamosa is the only company that offers an integrated suite of products and services to manage the end-to-end process of discovering, transforming, deploying and maintaining content quality. Vamosa's solutions allow the world's largest enterprises and governments to analyze, enhance, standardize, monitor and maintain all forms of business content within a policy-based infrastructure of best practice methods. Organizations with Vamosa's ECoG solutions benefit from improved regulatory compliance, enhanced knowledge management and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for content management.

The company has provided solutions and consultancy for content discovery, cleansing, migration and maintenance to some of the world's largest enterprises and government departments including, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, IBM, Oracle and Volkswagen North America. For more information, visit

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