7 Steps to Migrate Legacy Data to IBM

Lotus Web Content Management (LWCM) provides out-of-the-box integration with WebSphere Portal enabling customers to easily publish content along with application services that are required for an enhanced web experience. LWCM delivers a personalized and persuasive Web site that is highly available and scalable along with a robust security framework and easy to use templates and site-wizards.

It is a natural fit for organizations adopting an IBM-centric architecture or moving from legacy Lotus platforms. However, as with all CMS implementations, migration of legacy content is critical to project success and user acceptance. A migration roadmap that has a number of distinct steps and acts as an effective checklist can ensure a successful migration. Each step, or project phase, can have an associated flowchart outlining the specific processes of each.

This white paper presents just such a roadmap and defines the implementation steps required in order to achieve a successful migration into IBM LWCM.

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